The Beauty of Ceramics

From the most delicate of porcelain to the most rugged hand-built figure sculptures, China's ceramic arts tradition is full of variety, inventiveness, and local specialties. Among the ceramics that Sun Gallery carries, you'll find Yixing teapots, porcelain plates, ceramic pillows (yes!), vases, and many other items.
This fall, Sun Gallery will have a very special show of Cizhou Ceramics from near Jenny Sun's hometown in Hebei Province. Look for an announcement in September!

Embroidery from China

Fine fabrics and embroidery have deep roots in Chinese history. As in many cultures, girls were expected to master needlework, often preparing their wedding clothing, as well as festival and practical items. Sun Gallery carries a selection of exquisite antique and modern fabrics and embroidery made by members of China's various ethnic minorities, as well as Han people. Sun Gallery also has a wonderful collection of decorative antique baby hats.

Scholar Rocks

Formed by the forces of nature, Chinese scholar rocks are unique objects used for contemplation and their beauty. Larger rocks can form the centerpiece of a garden, while smaller ones can be a wonderful addition to a desk, table, or mantle in the home. Scholar rocks are highly collectable.

Perhaps you've admired the large scholar rocks at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts' Chinese Garden, or in a friend's home. Sun Gallery has a wide assortment of scholar rocks for you to chose from, in all sizes, shapes, and colorings. Our scholar rocks all come with custom-made wooden bases.